Cloud-based presentation software for Christian worship

ShowShare requires no installation, and works well on PC, Mac, IPad, Android, and even Pi.
The 'scrolling page' style means it adjusts to the size and shape of each screen.

ShowShare is cloud-based, and works in your Web browser. Presenters publish content into ‘Channels’, and it immediately appears on all devices connected to the Channel. Connect to a Channel just by navigating to

ShowShare displays songs and Bible readings in a continuous scrolling page, rather than as a series of separate slides. This ‘scrolling page’ style enables worshippers to read-ahead and see the whole item, and it means the content fits into widely differing screen sizes.

ShowShare scrolls songs by verse. When a Presenter scrolls to a verse, the content also scrolls on other devices in the Channel.

One message, many views

Presentations can be viewed simultaneously on many devices,
and each user can adjust the style to suit their own requirements.

Most church presentation software is ‘dual screen’ - it shows the presentation on screen 2, while showing the various controls for the operator on screen 1. Sometimes a third screen can be used for the musicians or singers. ShowShare combines all these requirements into a single view.

The ShowShare User Interface is reduced to such an extent that the ‘operator view’ can be used for presentation; just full-screen your browser view. Dual-screen hardware is not required, although if you do use dual-screen, the result may be tidier - Move the browser to screen 2 and full-screen it there, and then use another browser on screen 1 to control the presentation. Or the second browser could just as easily be on another machine.

Musicians and singers can choose to see musical chords, and guitarists may want to transpose the chords and use a capo. ShowShare is not limited by the number of screens your computer supports - everyone can have their own unique view.

Showshare stays with you after church

Your presentation looks great on the big screen, and it also works on tiny screens.
Your audience can use their smartphones to review your presentation later.

ShowShare works really well on tiny screens, and is well-suited to small groups and street evangelism, where a large screen may not be appropriate. If everyone is given Presenter access, it can facilitate ‘crowd sourced’ group worship or Bible study.

Everything that ShowShare displays is recorded in the ‘Channel History’. Viewers can access the history later, to refer back to a Bible passage, or sing a song again. History can be used to ‘catch up’ with a Channel, by scrolling through the history until the current live page is displayed.

Keep the band on the same page

Band members can use PCs, iPads or smartphones - everyone stays in sync automatically.
Musicians may want to display guitar chords, which can be transposed if needed.

Musicians can run ShowShare on PCs, Macs, or tablets. Songs in ShowShare feature guitar chords and are formatted in the way they are usually sung. Chords can be transposed to any key. Transposition settings are stored on the device, and automatically applied the next time the song is displayed.

Controlled from the front, or the back, or both

Worship leaders and preachers can control the presentation directly using their own computers.
Musicians can use the ShowShare pedal even while they're playing an instrument.

If a worship leader wants to repeat verse 2, or skip to the bridge, it's usually a challenge for the AV person to keep up. ShowShare provides the opportunity to lead from the front - the screen can help to lead, rather than only trying to follow the leader. The ShowShare pedal generates ↑ up and ↓ down keypresses, as well as Home and End. It can be used to control an entire presentation. Alternatively, the leader might use the pedal only for unexpected changes, leaving the AV helper to do the ‘normal’ moves.

For churches with more spontaneous styles, ShowShare allows presenters to select new songs without causing consternation — the band automatically gets the chords, and the projector automatically gets the words.

Ongoing support and great value for money

ShowShare is free to use, and Presenter accounts are just £2 per month.

ShowShare accounts are £2 per month, with convenient payment through PayPal. You can save 20% by buying an annual account for £20. It's OK for several people to share one account, so your church may need only a single account.

Since ShowShare is cloud-based and not installed, there’s no site licence or similar concept that limits the number of installations. Run ShowShare on as many devices as you want.

ShowShare's library of songs is maintained by the team at Delta Lights, and also benefits from users who add new songs and signal that they can be added to the public library. The songs you need may be already on the system; if not, you can add songs that others can benefit from.

Since ShowShare is not installed, there’s no upgrade fee, and you never have an out-of-date version. The latest enhancements and bug-fixes come to you automatically.

Try ShowShare right now - there's no download needed

To evaluate ShowShare, click CONNECT TO A CHANNEL and select the public Channel.
In the Public Channel, everyone is a Presenter. Try it on several machines at once to see how it works.

ShowShare has a YouTube Channel and a Facebook page. You can read the user guide here.


ShowShare initialising

ShowShare is a cloud-based presentation system. Javascript must be enabled on your browser.